Thursday, April 12, 2012

MAC Foundation

Although rather pricey, one of my favourite makeup brands has got to be MAC. The products are generally well-pigmented and just overall QUALITY. As an introductory blog post, I thought I would review the two liquid foundations from MAC that I personally use!

                                       MAC Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation
    The MAC Mineralize Satinfinish provides a lovely dewey look with medium coverage. The colour selection ranges from MAC's normal rather wide range of NC15-NC45. I'm in NC20 because I'm on the internet and don't tend to get outside much... The foundation is priced at $30 which might seem a bit steep at first but keep in mind, it is very high-end and should last you awhile!

     First off, I'll talk about the pros. I'd say the best recommended user of this product would be someone with a fairly normal skin type and not too many blemishes. The satin finish allows you to get a nice even skin tone without looking cakey or covering up your natural beauty. You'll notice it almost adds a natural highlight to your whole face and gives you a youthful glow. The formula spreads very easily and blends out within a few brush strokes. Another plus is the convenient pump it comes with that allows you to get the perfect amount without overusing it or wasting this product. You can definitely use it without a powder if you're looking for a lighter, glistening look. I personally prefer to use it with a translucent powder that I just buff in with a Kabuki brush.

      Now for the cons. The first problem I have with this product is the consistency on my skin. I personally have oily skin and find that the sheen look can mix with the natural oils of my skin makes and sometimes make me look shiny. The coverage says low to medium but it's essentially just a low coverage. If you try to build it up more than a few layers, it just comes off on your brush and gives you the same coverage. It might just be my skin type giving me these problems, but oily skinned people beware!

Overall Rating: 6/10
While overall this product is well-made and gives the skin a great finish, its runny nature and shine-inducing formula make me have to deduct a few points. If you have oily or blemish-ridden skin, you're probably going to want to invest in a different foundation. But for those with normal or dry, this would probably work perfectly!

                                       MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation
      The MAC Studio Fix Fluid provides the optimal coverage for blemish-ridden skin and gives a mattified look overall. The colour selection ranges from MAC's normal rather wide range of NC15-NC58. I'm in NC15 because with the mattified look, my skin tends to appear paler. The foundation is priced at $27 which is slightly less than the satin finish.

     First off, the pros! This product works wonders for my oily, pimple-filled skin! The coverage starts off medium but quickly builds into a heavy, without being cakey, look. It conceals every single blemish and gives the skin the smoothest-looking texture I've ever seen a foundation artificially provide. As well as having nice coverage, the blendability is brilliant. You can easily move this foundation all over every part of your face while it is still tacky and blend well into your hairline and neck. I personally use this with a translucent powder and a bit of dewey setting spray and can achieve the best glow possible.

      There aren't many cons that come with this product but one does stand out to me. The bottle design is definitely not as convenient as the satin fish. It does not include a pump and therefore must either be slathered onto your hand or scraped out with a q-tip. It is hard to find the perfect amount.

Overall Rating: 10/10
Despite its poor bottle design, I widely consider this my favourite foundation. I can see this working for any skin type and allowing a multitude of finishes. It is initially matte but with a few other products can provide a great dewey look. It is well worth the price in my opinion. I recommend this to almost anyone looking for nice coverage!

Well that's all for my MAC foundation opinion. Feel free to tell me how these products worked for you! I will be reviewing a few other brands of foundation soon so keep a look-out if you're still not sold on the MAC. 


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