Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yes to Carrots/Cucumbers/Tomatoes Review

I know I am going to sound like a hipster, but I used Yes To products before they were popular...just sayin...
I have tried so much by them! Let's begin with the reviews.

Yes to Tomatoes


The shampoo was the first Yes To product I had ever used.  In fact, it was one of the first natural/organic ones.  This was back when I was freaking out about sulfates and parabens. I was known by my friends as "The Girl with Tomato Shampoo."  (Hmmm...kind of sounds like "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." I really need to read that.  Off topic.)  I think I stopped using it the first time because it stopped working.  That was back when my hair was straight.  It's wavy/curly now, and I decided to revisit it this year, but it left my hair dry and scalp oily? Ew. I don't even know how that's possible.


I tried this with the shampoo.  It didn't have too much slip and left build-up.  Not impressed.  It does smell good, though!

Facial Wash and Moisturizer

I really liked this stuff this summer! I was having horrible skin until I bought this on a whim.  I used it religiously every day and got beautiful, soft, clear skin.  All of the sudden, though, it just stopped working and gave me bad breakouts.  I started washing my face twice a day, but that didn't help.  I tried incorporating the moisturizer, but that stuff will clog your pores yet still leave your face feeling dry.  I think it was the fragrance in these. Yes To products have too many tedious ingredients that can irritate skin.

Yes to Carrots


This was pretty much the same as the Tomatoes.  It worked for a little then did nothing for me.

Intensive Repair Cream

I tried this for my horrible dry skin and dry skin bumps on my legs, but this irritated them more and made them dryer and worse. I'm guessing it was the fragrance.

Daily Cream Facial Wash

Broke me out.

Yes to Cucumbers!

Facial Wash

I loved this stuff for a really long time! This line was my favorite because it was a lot gentler than the other ones.  It ended up breaking me out, but I used it for a good few months.  

Shower Gel

I used this for maybe a year.  Body wash can't really be something good or bad, though, so I'm pretty neutral.  My dermatologist told me that the fragrance in this might be causing the bumps on my legs, so I stopped using it. 


When I started the Curly Girl method of washing hair with conditioner, I heard this was the stuff to use.  You could wash your hair with it, detangle, and even leave it in.  I loved it for a few weeks.  It was so smooth and left my hair pretty silky and soft.  Again, like all the other Yes To products, it stopped working for me and gave me dull, frizzy, gross hair :(


This was good to remove build-up, but it's not anything special.

Yes To has a good variety of products (I would know; I've tried practically all of them!) that cater to a variety of needs.  However, the big problem is fragrance! These products have good ingredients and lack the bad parabens, plastics, silicones, and sulfates, but they are heavily, heavily perfumed.  If you have fragrance issues, stay away!  If you aren't sensitive, though, you should be fine.  

The other problem I had was these effects did not last long.  They'd work fine then just stop. If you're planning to buy these, I would suggest using them in a rotation.  

All in all, I give this brand a 4/10.

Thanks for reading!

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